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Hello and Welcome! to The Order of Dramentia. Or as some call it The Order of the Dragon Mind or Dragon Madness. Depending on how you look at it.
I am Rymar Priest of Dramentia. And The Guild Master. I have created this Guild with some of my fellows. To provide a fun and active place to party
with our friends, and family minus any drama. We do have some rules and they will be enforced. Only to ensure that the guild remains active and fun for
everyone. Even preschool has rules to provide a safe environment for growth. That's what we are looking for here a place to grow build friendships and
enjoy the game. I encourage you all to contribute to the guild as best you can. So if you have any suggestions for the Website ,or any opinions feel free
to post them here. The Website it self is a place to exchange ideas help each other and to provide Guild information ie (run and raid schedules etc). We
also want to encourage creativity. So if you all have short stories or poems etc feel free to post them here. However first see the Guild/Site Rules. On
behalf of Myself and the other Officers I wish to Welcome you again and hope you enjoy The Order of Dramentia


                                                      Thank You

                                                      Master Rymar Priest